About Q

Prior to finding her feet in surface pattern design, Quyen studied Environmental Design/Architecture. She spent time in Japan where texture and surface beckoned, as well as okonomiyaki and learning to cycle up mountains one handed whilst holding an umbrella in torrential rain. She enjoys obsessing over hand drawn patterns most, but also loves what the machine can do to make her work pop and her genius appear more magical, it is the ultimate tessellating friend. She loves and loathes trend, works with it and against it as she sees fit. Her experience ranges from bespoke collections for local fashion, to swim & surf wear, sleepwear, childrens, lingerie, sports, footwear, accessories, paper products, and RTW collections of major brands, textile studios and artists worldwide. 

She has worked extensively on large scale commercial glass projects, specialising in ceramic printed and speciality performance glass. 

Currently she enjoys watching her two children draw, most fun are the interpretations of their chickens Pickle, Power and Pluto. It is their favourite occupation, after somersaulting off the couch and talking about Star Wars. 

Her other creative project can be found at The Seventeenth Letter